We need to go back no less than 2000 years to find the region’s first wine reference: A 66 square metre Roman mosaic, considered the largest piece with Bacchic allegories on the Iberian Peninsula. It was discovered in Baños de Valdearados during the grape harvest of 1972.

As we know it today, the designation of origin arose in 1980 at the initiative of several wine producers and cellar owners who had a zeal for promoting the Ribera del Duero’s quality vineyards and wines. Since then, the start-up of new cultivation methods, the introduction of the most cutting-edge technologies for wine production and the strict process controls applied by the Regulatory Board have made Ribera del Duero synonymous with quality.


The most characteristic varietal is known generically as tinta del país, or country red, while known in the wine world as Tempranillo, which represents over 90% of production.

According to the Regulatory Board’s standards, it must include at least 75% Tempranillo in its elaboration to be eligible for the coveted designation of origin label. In total, no less than 95% of grapes must be Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec. Garnacha and Albillo grapes are permitted, albeit only in small quantities.


The Ribera del Duero is located on the large northern plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, formed by a large ancient bedrock formation that was levelled and partly covered by tertiary sediments, whose largest volume is comprised of somewhat lenticular layers of limey or clayey sands. The alternation of layers is notable, both of limestone and marl, and there are even calcareous formations.

The riverside basin, formed during the Miocene period, presents horizontal and slightly undulating levels, limited by differential erosion, and today converted into peneplains. The region’s relief oscillates between inter-river hills, with altitudes of 911 metres, and valleys, with a topographic height between 750 and 850 metres.


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