Soil and grapevines converge to create a perfect whole. Man’s actions in the vineyard, the climate and surrounding area, the vines and soil, all make up the terroir. We watch the plants and the soil: we taste the grapes, we apply natural treatments to provide what is missing in our soils, we prune with intelligence, we redirect the vine branches, thin out the plants and, in general, let the vines convey their needs to us. We work the land and get our hands dirty, which is evident. The wine production process, with our rocky soils and without drip irrigation, becomes much more complex and challenging. Wines are made in the vineyard and we are very clear about this at VALTRAVIESO.


The VALTRAVIESO vineyards benefits from milder summers, due to being one of the highest areas of the DO Ribera del Duero. The grapes have longer and more balanced ripening processes, which increase the amassing of aromas and flavours and improve the acidity indexes of our wines. Moreover, due to being closer to the sun, we have better photosynthesis, which has a direct impact on a more intensive colouring of the grapes. In summer, the climate differences between day and night can surpass 18º C, which contributes to the synthesis of the polyphenols, key because of their antioxidant capacity for the wines.

viñedo Valtravieso



The VALTRAVIESO estate and vineyards are located far from any city or town. The vineyards surround the winery, in the style of the great French chateaux. We have over 70 hectares of vineyards in production, which produce more than 80% of our grape needs and guarantee the product’s quality and consistency over time, affected by the unique personality of each of the vintage years. A small percentage of excellent quality grape from third party plots that we oversee are added each harvest.


VALTRAVIESO primarily works with the Tinta Fina grape varietal, the native grape par excellence of the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin, the core and foundation of our productions. It is the grape we are committed to and that imbues our wines with personality. We also have plots planted with Cabernet Sauvignon grape, which have a very low pyracine level, providing structure, freshness, colour and concentration to our wines. We also cultivate the Merlot grape, which provides fleshiness and adds to the colour, intensity and aromas.


Viñedo de altura Valtravieso1

Valtravieso high altitude vineyards
While the average planting altitude of vineyards in the Ribera del Duero is between 750 and 850 metres above sea level, at VALTRAVIESO we can boast of having one of the vineyards at the highest altitude for this designation of origin: 920 metres.

This marks the difference between us and other wineries in the region. Our altitude. The climate and soil provide special qualities to our wines that come from the vineyard. Excellent quality raw material, with balanced pH, sweet tannins and natural distinct acidity and more consistent ripening, with an extensive range of aromas and structure, all help us produce elegant wines, with class and style.
VALTRAVIESO is a high quality winery, with high altitude quality vineyards, and refined wines ready to seduce the most demanding consumers.
These characteristics are what endow VALTRAVIESO wines with their unmistakable personality. A lovely and special personality, thanks to the unique vineyards.

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