VALTRAVIESO has 4500 m2 of built facilities, designed to produce a product with the maximum quality possible. A simple straight lined building, which is perfectly integrated into the surrounding countryside and created to constantly facilitate winery tasks. Production and barrel buildings, offices and a tasting room, a social area and bottle and bottling building comprise the modules of this elegant architectural gem that, along with the gardens and courtyards, have a total area of 9000 m2. All the facilities were designed to attain top quality and a unique style.


The VALTRAVIESO production building has 32 stainless steel tanks holding between 10 and 20 thousand litres, with a double cooling jacket to control the fermentation temperature at all times. At VALTRAVIESO, we have a total production capacity of 560,000 litres. We produce each vineyard terrain separately to extract the maximum potential from the grape. We use the techniques that yield the best results, such as délestage, or rack and return. Pumping and pigeage (punching the cap) are done in accordance with the needs of each wine and at the decision of the oenologist. This is always done in order to obtain the best wines for each of our varieties..


At VALTRAVIESO, we use one, two and three year old French oak barrels to age our wines, with wood coming from the Allier, Nevers and La Jupille forests. We have a total capacity of 960 m2 in which to store up to 2500 barrels, distributed over three levels, which makes it easier to carry out transfers and work while the wine is ageing. Our barrel building is air conditioned to maintain a constant temperature and relative humidity throughout the year, which ensures the proper development of all our wines. A unique space to obtain the precise character and personality of VALTRAVIESO wines




VALTRAVIESO has large open areas where it combines traditional production methods with the most modern technologies, without ever neglecting design, quality or elegance. There is also a laboratory equipped with the most advanced techniques, such as FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy).


VALTRAVIESO made the decision to age its wines in French oak barrels, because they contribute a more aromatic nature to the wines, in parallel with refinement and elegance, with notable spicy, balsamic and toasted aromas: eucalyptus, pepper, clove, coriander and mustard. Great raw material (the best grapes) and thorough and careful ageing in French oak ensure top quality and excellent longevity for our wines.



After ageing in barrels, the wine is transferred to our modern bottling line, which has a filling and nitrogen injection control system to prevent unwanted oxidation.

After filling, the bottled wine is then transferred to our bottle building, which has 850 m2 and a capacity of up to 1,000,000 bottles. They are stored in metal crates in a horizontal position to ensure that the wine remains in contact with the cork, thus facilitating better conservation and good airtightness of the bottles.

The building is air conditioned, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the year of between 16 and 18 degrees centigrade. Thus, with the very best temperature and humidity conditions, the wine finishes ageing in the bottles, where it completes the rounding process to attain the optimal conditions for our end clients.

No bottle of wine leaves the cellar unless it has aged the time required to ensure it is perfect for consumption. This is another of VALTRAVIESO’s most firm commitments, which sets us apart from other wineries.

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