Botella Gran Valtravieso en terreno rocoso
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A moorland wine


Valtravieso takes us to an exceptional landscape within the Ribera del Duero: one of the highest moorlands in the region, at a height of 915 metres. From this unique setting where our vineyards and winery are located, we seek to achieve the highest quality in all our processes, with minimum intervention in both the field and in our productions. We thus achieve high altitude wines, in limestone moorland, with a unique personality and style for this area; they are elegant, profound and lengthy. Wines that have tension and comprise mineral and fresh notes.   


Our soil

Poor shallow limestone soil with an extreme climate, constant winds and low rainfall. The characteristics of our estate differentiate it from other areas of the Ribera del Duero and allow unique wines to be created.

Eco-logical viticulture

Our vineyards are all organic and we work the land using manual labour with maximum respect and minimal intervention, without herbicides or insecticides, selecting only the highest quality grapes during harvest. Our main goal is to elaborate wines that reflect our terroir which is our identity.


The expression of a unique grape


We grow and vinify each plot separately to obtain the maximum varietal expression and we believe that wood should not mask the personality of the grape and the singularity of our terroir. We have great respect for the grapes and seek to preserve the freshness and minerality that our moor offers.