The vineyards on our estate are 920 metres above sea level, the highest vineyard within the DO Ribera del Duero. An Atlantic climate, with an enormous thermal contrast between day and night, very nutrient-poor rocky soil, with surface clay, active limestone parent rock and strong winds that blow from the northern sub-plateau of the Central Mountains. All this contributes to perfect health conditions for the grapevines, slow ripening and the ideal alcoholic-phenological balance that, along with specific wine production tasks, will provide us with the highest quality raw materials required to produce elegant and fresh wines with an excellent structure, minerality and acidity.


VALTRAVIESO makes continuous investments in studying the vineyards. We have international advisors, and our expert team does great work. Soil and grapevines converge to create a perfect whole. We watch the plants and the soil: we taste the grapes, we apply natural treatments to provide what is missing in our soils, we prune with intelligence, graft shoots, thin out the plants and, in general, let the vines convey their needs to us. We work the lands and this is evident. The wine production process, with our rocky soils and without drip irrigation, becomes much more complex and challenging. Wines are made in the vineyard, which is something we feel strongly about at VALTRAVIESO.

Our production method, with utmost care and respect for the grape, helps us to achieve wines that transmit the essence of our very special lands, unique to the Ribera del Duero. Ageing in new barrels for the first year and in French oak for the second round out our wines, imbuing them with the elegance and complexity worthy of the very greatest. We relish delighting and surprising you. Are you ready to discover our wines?











Class and style cannot be bought, nor can they be acquired in a rush. Both are part of a philosophy that is only attained by rigorous demands in our daily work. VALTRAVIESO wines transmit this effort. They convey the winemakers’ patience, ageing at the winery and refinement of the bottle. Are you ready to feel something special?

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