D.O. Arlanza

D.O. Arlanza is located in the central area of the province of Burgos. The wine-growing tradition in the Ribera del Arlanza region dates back to the 7th century.

The vineyards

An important characteristic of this D.O. is the altitude of its vineyards which are located at around 1,000 m above sea level. This altitude significantly conditions the development of the crop and the ripening of the grapes, conferring a unique personality to its wines.

The Valtravieso vineyards also have a privileged location in Covarrubias, on the banks of the Arlanza river and next to the Las Mamblas Mountain range, with an exceptional landscape made up of hundred-year-old goblet-trained vines. This area is complex and very difficult to work. It requires extreme viticulture management as there is no irrigation but there is a lot of frost, a lot of forest and animals eating the fruit.

The soil

The soils are poor, very old and quite deep. They are composed mainly of alluvium with boulders, sand and clay at the bottom. These old vineyards have maintained the original style of the original plantation where different varieties of red and white grapes coexisted, with practically no space between the vines, requiring manual work and not allowing mechanized labour. Despite being somewhat “forgotten” vineyards, thanks to this unique terroir, they produce spectacular fruit.

The vine

Among many others, these vineyards have plantations of different varieties such as mainly Tempranillo, which is at the limit of ripening due to the confluence of altitude and latitude, and Garnacha, some Mencia, Monastrell, Bobal, Hoja de Higuera (Fig Leaf), Garnacha Tintorera, etc. This diversity of varietals brings complexity and balance to the wines.

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