D.O. Jumilla

D.O. Jumilla is one of the oldest D.O.’s and a benchmark for wine in the southeast of Spain. Its winemaking tradition is important; the oldest remains of Vitis vinifera in Europe have been found (3,000 B.C.).

The vineyards

The phylloxera plague hit large areas of Europe in the mid-nineteenth century and few plots were spared, including some in the municipal area of Fuente Álamo where Valtravieso has identified and worked two old plots with ungrafted Vitis vinifera rootstock, very bucolic and special due to the layout and location of their old vines, one of which is hidden in a forest and at an altitude of 980m above sea level.

The soil

Its main characteristics are its limestone soils, its continental climate with Mediterranean influence together with low rainfall and its vineyards located at altitudes of between 400-1000 m.

The vine

These ungrafted plots have a traditional goblet cultivation of very old Monastrell, a native variety that sits on a chalky soil. At Valtravieso we work with the Monastrell variety from a fresher approach, more vertical and not so heavy, looking for the house style, fine, elegant and vertical wines.

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