D.O. Ribera del Júcar

D.O. Ribera del Júcar was born in 2003 as an initiative of a group of winemaking cooperatives and private wineries in the province of Cuenca.

The vineyards

A region deeply rooted in the cultivation of vines and cereals and influenced by the Júcar river that flows through its lands. At 750 meters average altitude, the climate is continental Mediterranean with high temperature contrasts between summer and winter and a low rainfall with a Mediterranean/dry humidity regime.

The soil

This area is characterised by its horizontality, being made up of a plain on which there are a number of hills, broken by the river that gives its name to the area and by some wooded hills between Sisante and Casas de Haro. The soils are deep, clayey-calcareous, covered by a spectacular blanket of boulders on which the vineyards rest. A spectacular blanket of boulders and pebbles cover the deep, clayey-calcareous soils where the vineyards rest. In this environment there are several factors as the river, the climate, the soil and the patient and constant work of its people that have made it possible to obtain unique fruits and high-quality wines.

The vine

Valtravieso’s interest in this area stems from the idea of rescuing and revaluing old Bobal vineyards of great quality which, due to low productivity, were being abandoned. Bobal is a very austere grape variety, resistant to inclement weather and pests, and in the old vineyards from which this project arises, with very low production.

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